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Trails Made for Ram Trucks

Ram Trucks

Washington has many amazing trails and tracks that are perfect for any 4x4 vehicle, but here at Larson Ram in Puyallup, WA, we recommend taking the trek with the combative Ram truck. With so much land, and scenery, there is no better place to explore than the Pacific Northwest. Check out a few of these down and dirty off road trails that lead you to a glorious view.

National Forest Development Road 7030 to Stampede Pass:

Take a ride through the riveting Cascade Range to Stampede Pass just south of Snoqualmie Pass. This track was originally built to maintain the railroads, although, we found a better use for it. Now is used to overlook many beautiful forests and leads to an incredible view of Mount Rainer. This is a 30 mile trek is about 3.5 hours from start to finish and worth every second. Primarily open from June to November, you are subject to experience every climate from rain to snow, so make sure to be alert of these conditions.  

Cougar Springs:

Cougar Springs, also known as “Hole in the Rock” is a popular spot for many locals. We all want the hot shot of our rigs on the rocks overlooking a phenomenal view of the valley just below. With tight turns and narrow passages, this trail has a structure meant foe 4x4 vehicles such as the Ram 1500. This a short trail but with many opportunities to stop and look around. A riveting 45 minutes and 3.28 miles journey of fresh air and great views.

Copper Creek:

This is the perfect trail for those outdoor junkies. This is the ultimate way to spend your snow day or crisp fall day. Sitting 4500 feet, you can enjoy a view that will take your breath away. When there is 6.9 miles of a 360 degrees visibility, there is no other place like it. Although this trail is open year round, cultivate the most bang for your buck on a cold winter day.


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