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Trailer Hitch and Towing 101

For those of you who need a little extra help finding your way around a tow bar, this blog is here to help. There are many things you need to know about your vehicle, and the trailer or objects you are towing. It is better safe than sorry when it comes to educating yourself. This is important information that will be useful for any towing or hauling needs.


Every vehicle has a manufacturer towing capacity, this is very important to be aware of. However, not only is the towing capacity but also the complete Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, this is the maximum amount of weight that your vehicle can safely handle, which includes: the driver, passengers, and cargo, which again, are determined by the manufacturer. Another thing you should always be aware of is the condition of your car!


Your vehicles center of gravity is like the back bone of towing. Whenever something is towed behind your vehicle, it is important to maintain that center of gravity for full control of your vehicle and a secured, balanced load. This is one of the most important parts of towing to be familiar with.


Be aware of weather conditions and use extra caution while coming to a stop. Because your vehicle is heavier, it takes longer to slow down; leaving extra space in-between you and the vehicles in front of you is always a good idea. It is okay to read up on any laws or regulations that a state has in place for towing and hauling. Do your research and stay alert!

Here are a few quick links external pages that might be able to answer any questions:


Things To Know:

1.       It is important to know the total weight capacity your vehicle can hold.


2.       The weight of the trailer towed


3.       Which hitch class is appropriate for your vehicle.


4.       Having all the correct accessories (there are many different kinds of hitches for different cargo)


5.       Your vehicles Center of Gravity


6.       ALWAYS secure your load