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The How to Guide

The How to Guide: Bluetooth

We all might not be as technologically savvy as we would like to think. Ram has made connecting our smartphones to the multimedia system easier than ever before! With the wireless connect; your device will connect automatically. All the amazing qualities of the media system that ensures efficiency and safety; allows the driver to perform hands free calling, music streaming, and precise navigation.


At Larson Ram, we are here to guide our buyers into what features are best for them. We want you to feel comfortable in your purchase and we will ensure this! A life time guarantee of relaxation and good music. Check us out today in Puyallup right off River Road. 



Make your Ram Uconnect into your own with a few simple steps:

1. Set the Bluetooth on your smart phone to “on”. Be sure that your vehicle is in completely stopped or in park to allow pairing.

2. On your Ram Uconnect Screen, go to Settings then to Add Device. From there, you should be given an identification PIN.

3. On your smartphone, select the Bluetooth option named RAM. On the media system, it will confirm pairing.